About us

Our company, K. NASTOS & CO. EE. with title ERGOSIMANSI K.NASTOS, Tax Identification Number 082749656, GEMI Number 31180629000 and registered office in Ioannina, at 47 Archiepiskopou Makariou, which belongs to the Tax Office of Ioannina, has many years of experience and innovation since 1999 in the objects:

  • Means of Personal Protective Equipment for Employees (helmets-masks-glasses-overalls-jackets-shoes-belts-vests etc.)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Signage (construction sites, industries, storage areas, workplaces etc.)
  • Maintenance and Delineation of Streets and Parking
  • Outdoor Equipment with ramps, benches, bins, etc.

And more specifically we undertake the supply and installation:

  • Street and Interior Signs
  • Delineation of Streets and PARKING (Parking Lots) with materials of specifications MΕPPPW.
  • Metal Safety Railings
  • Road Maintenance (puddles- damage- incisions) with cold asphalt mix (bag and container)
  • Playground Instruments - Sports equipment as well as the maintenance of old instruments
  • Finally, our company has all kinds of Personal Protective Equipment for Employees (helmets-masks-glasses-overalls-jackets-shoes-belts-vests, etc.) and has the ability to meet any kind of request or need related to these areas.

We would like to inform you that we undertake the compilation of studies for the above products, with no extra charge, as well as the provision of technical information and specifications.

We also inform you that we have the ability to place all of the above materials with our specialized workshops.

We expect to serve every need with consistency and immediacy, hoping for an excellent personal collaboration.

We will be glad to contact us, to visit our store or to request the presence of our specialized partner for the effective solution of any problem you may encounter.

The goal of our company is the continuous improvement of the provided products and services and the satisfaction of our customers.
Your participation in this effort, we believe that can be valuable.

Any remarks or comments, about the quality of our services and our prices or whatever else you deem necessary, would be important advice for us.