Box Now Returns

You can send your product via BOX NOW.

  • If you received your item via BOX NOW and want to return it to the e-shop, you can visit any Locker and place the return product inside the compartment. To open the compartment, enter the ten-digit parcel ID number that was initially sent to you when you received the item.
  • You can also make an exchange for an order you received via BOX NOW, following the above steps. The first exchange is completely free for orders exceeding €49.00, with no additional charges. For any subsequent exchanges, there is a fee of €6.00.
  • For orders below €49.00, there is a charge of €2.00, while for each subsequent exchange, there is a charge of €6.00.
  • In case you wish to receive a refund for an order you received via BOX NOW, you will be charged €4.00 for shipping costs.
  • If you received your order via Courier and wish to return your product via BOX NOW, the charges of the respective Courier apply. You can find the nearest locker to you to complete the return to us easily and quickly.

Simply press the button below to start the Return process.